Aurora borealis trip to Norway

A night tour to watch aurora borealis in Norway

Tonight we will pick you up at your hotel at 07.00 pm - a long night is ahead: From Kiruna towards west you're going to pass small settlements and snow covered swamp areas. Following parallel to the railroad tracks of the Kiruna iron ore train you will soon reach lake Torneträsk - the 6th largest lake in Sweden and the largest lake of more than 6200 lakes in the municipality of Kiruna. Surrounded by mountains it will be time to make a short stop to take a short walk down to the picturesque boat houses at the shore.

Heading west again - the next destination of this tour might sound familiar to you: Abisko - world famous for fantastic aurora borealis during this dark time of the year. A cruise around in this small village and view on to the U-shaped valley Lapporten ("The Lapponian Gate") is a must!

We will pass Tornehamn and continue further up towards the timberline to reach the ski resort Riksgränsen. High alpine landscape and vegetation will surprise you - you are only at an elevation of app. 500m. But the latitude above the polar circle is obviously visible ... Now and here is the spot to pass the border to Norway


These solitary located holiday cabins with the typical grassed roofs in the Björnfjell will be covered by snow but on the winding road down towards the Norwegian coast the impact of the gulf stream is clearly to see. We will sit down on the beach with fantastic view over the Ofot-fjord and a - hopefully - clear sky with aurora borealis. An open fire is a "must have"; Coffee, tea, water, pastry included. We will turn back at 00.30 am and drop you at your hotel in Kiruna app. 04.30 am. Stops at scenic viewpoints and in case of aurora borealis are guaranteed.

From Sept., 1st to Nov., 15th

Price / person SEK 2450,00

Min 2 participants

Max 5 participants

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Dark Sky Special

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