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About our northern lights tours

The aurora borealis, the northern lights, is a natural phenomenon like the sun, rain, wind or a thunderstorm – observing this nature play is mind blowing. But as much as we would like to - we simply can not guarantee that you will see the northern lights during your stay in Kiruna, Sweden

Our tours are our reaction onto the inspiration that we got from guests that came to Kiruna, Sweden to see the aurora borealis / northern lights. The basic question was always "why do all northern lights tours end so early when it is known that the strongest activity is to expect later at night ?"
First and foremost it is - of course - always about the logistics and safety in wilderness travel under sub-arctic climate conditions ! Still we have been continuously working on solutions to fulfill the demands of our clients.

Today we are proud to offer you a choice of REAL NIGHT TOURS AND ACTIVITIES. A selection of extraordinary travel packages accomplished to increase your chances of experiencing the aurora in Sweden in a unique way during your visit in Kiruna.

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"Aurora Optima" - simply our best aurora tour

Only the sky is the limit ! If you decide to book our aurora borealis excursion to Abisko we will deliver the tour to Abisko. In case you should decide to book our "Aurora Ultima" tour to Finland we will be pleased to drive you to Finland. But what happens when the weather is bad and the sky is cloudy ? Aurora is a natural phenomenon and we can never be sure to see it... To absolutely optimize your chances to experience aurora borealis in Lapland we decided to arrange a "surprise" - tour that covers the entire 20.000 sqkm area of Kiruna municipality! READ MORE HERE ...